Willie boy history and legend

While at the oasis, the couple soon ran off but were eventually found and separated by their families because their union was considered inappropriate. While Carlota stayed at the oasis with her relatives, Willie Boy was sent to Banning to stay with a Serrano family and soon became known as a hardworking cowboy at the Gilman Ranch.

Willie boy history and legend

The saga of Willie Boy, a year-old Paiute-Chemehuevi Indian who apparently shot and killed the father of a year-old girl he loved and then led lawmen on a deadly desert pursuit, was a love story gone awry.

But because the newspapers saw this as a way to boost circulation, Willie Boy went down in history as a drunken Indian murderer and potential presidential assassin, crazed with lust for a teenage girl he kidnapped and brutally murdered.

Inyear-old Willie Boy was living in Victorville with his sister and her family. When two little boys, ages 6 and 8, were orphaned, Willie Boy took care of them, moving them from a nearby reservation.

He was a quiet, hard-working cowpuncher with a good, sober reputation. Sandos and Larry E. Burgess were ordered to make a correction in a book they wrote that referred to another author, Harry Lawton.

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As part of a settlement of a lawsuit that Lawton filed, Sandos and Burgess agreed to insert a sheet in any undistributed copies of their book referring readers to a line in the text that says they do not believe Lawton is an Indian-hater.

Despite his future national notoriety, he never left the Mojave Desert, working at ranches along California 62 in the Morongo and Yucca valleys and Joshua Tree before moving to Twentynine Palms.

There, inhe fell in love with his year-old distant cousin, Carlota Boniface. He had already been married, but that marriage had failed within the previous year.

Tribal customs also forbade such a marriage, declaring that it would only bring shame and dishonor to their families. A few months later, when Carlota moved with her family to pick fruit on the Gilman ranch in Banning, 80 miles east of Los Angeles, Willie Boy followed.

Whether he shot the older man or the shaman died in a struggle over the weapon is not known. Five men set off in pursuit. The lovers began their trek, backtracking and circling to elude the posse.

Eventually they crossed nearly miles of sun-baked earth, averaging 50 miles a day in the inhospitable degree heat, staying ahead of the lawmen for a dozen days.

Willie Boy was renowned in his tribe for long-distance running, and he knew all the watering holes. And members of his family were suspected of supplying the couple with food. But early in October, it seemed that the food was running out.

Willie Boy left Carlota and his few possessions behind near Landers in San Bernardino County, in an area called the Pipes, to replenish their provisions. He kept mum about his mistake, letting the other tracker find her body.

Everyone, including the press, assumed Willie Boy had killed her. Willie Boy returned just hours after Carlota had been shot and spotted the posse in the Pipes. Unaware that Carlota was dead, he tried to protect her by leading the posse away, north into Ruby Mountain. There, he pinned them down in an ambush from a rock pile.

Firing away, Willie Boy killed three horses and wounded another. In an exchange of shouting between gunfire, the lawmen accused Willie Boy of brutally murdering Carlota because she had slowed his flight. Then there was nothing but silence. When the moon rose, the five posse members hoisted the wounded deputy into the saddle of the surviving horse and started back to Banning for a doctor.

But before they got very far, they heard one last shot in the night. The press refused to believe Willie Boy was dead or to let a good story die. Hoping to raise circulation with white fears of a reckless Indian still on the loose, reporters trumped up rumors of a presidential assassination plot.Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here is a Technicolor Western film based on the true story of a Chemehuevi-Paiute Indian named Willie Boy and his run-in with the law in in Banning, California, History.

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Attesting to the ongoing popularity of the Willie Boy legend and site, the concrete fencepost pilings have been pulled out of the earth and steel cables cut so ATVs can illegally access the area and surrounding Bighorn Mountain Wilderness leading to the "gravesite." To prepare their account, they conducted oral history interviews with.

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Willie boy history and legend

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