The three strike rule essay

Three Strikes Law Research Paper Three strikes law in American legislation turned into a very contraversary issue in American society and in legislature of separate states as it created an excellent soil for a number of political speculations on the hand with serious issues in criminology and court practices. Three strikes law is a category of statutes, which demand from courts compulsory and extended terms of incarceration, to those criminals who have convicted in serious crimes of 3 or more separate occasions.

The three strike rule essay

Having accepted this idea, the state is now faced with massive budget shortfalls and is confronting federal court orders to immediately and dramatically reduce its prison populations simply because it is too full to treat appropriately all of those put into prison under this get-tough idea.

A timeline of the evolution of these events has been developed by National Public Radio. The key elements of the effort began formally with Republican Governor Pete Wilson signing the originating legislation into law in March The law was recognized as being more severe than the approaches of other states, but basically a mandatory life sentence was required for persons convicted of three felonies though in actuality the person could be paroled after 25 years.

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Apparently not yet satisfied, the public followed that move by passing a state electoral initiative that added more stringency to the law, hoping to make it difficult for judges to waiver in the sentences they provided. From that point forward, various legal challenge and sensational stories kept the issue alive such as the case of a person getting life for stealing a slice of pizza and approved the concept.

The three strike rule essay

By the yearthe public was coming to grips with the impact of its decision and passed Proposition 36, which allowed offenders with drug use problems to get treatment instead of just prison time. Inafter the efforts of several legislators that would require the third offense to be a serious or violent offense, Governor Schwarzenegger refused to change the law, leaving it predominately in place and controlling California's get-tough strategies until today.

Accessed January 26, at http: It now has too many people in its prisons. A three-judge federal court review panel looked at California's system and ordered major reductions of prisoners, noting that the existing system was unable to maintain adequate health, mental health and related protections for the prisoners.

California challenged the ruling but has now come face-to-face with the fact that the court's recommendations would have to stand.

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And now that state is being forced to undertake specific reforms that center on "shortening sentences, diverting nonviolent felons to county programs, giving inmates good behavior credits toward early release, and reforming parole. As the panel put it: Solomon Moore, "Court orders California to cut prison population.

The New York Times. Accessed on January 26, at http: Professionals in the field of criminal justice saw the experience differently, and inthe editors of The Journal of the Institute for the Advancement of Criminal Justice offered an issue dedicated to why the law was working.

As the editor of that publication put it, "The 'worst of the worst' are in prison where they belong, not in our neighborhoods committing more crimes and creating more victims.

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Three Strikes has slammed shut what was once a revolving door for career criminals. Issue 1, Summer Aug 12,  · Although the effect of the three strike rule on the general public cannot be completely disregarded, it is more likely that the general public is more greatly affected by generalized criminal statutes to govern their behavior than the possibility that they may be subject to eventual three strike rule enforcement.

After New Mexico has passed the three strikes law in , there were still some serious crimes that have been taken place since to where many of the criminals were not penalized for it. According to the article, “Lawmaker: All felonies should count toward 3-strike rule” by Nancy.

Three Strikes Law Essay Words | 7 Pages Three Strikes Law Recidivism is a tendency to relapse into a former pattern of behavior or a tendency to return to criminal behavior. Three Strikes Law essaysThe purpose of this study is to examine the efficacy of the three strikes law. The research study will document the impact of the three strikes law on criminal behavior and activity, in an attempt to assess whether the law and similar laws act as an effective deterrent to. Three Strike Law Essay The Effectiveness of a Three-Strike law. In the criminal justice system there are 4 goals in sentencing one is deterrence, this goal is to try to help the lawbreaker see that once they commit a crime and sentenced to serve time, they are at the discretion of the penal system.

The three strike law is a statue that allows the courts to impose harsh sentences such as life sentences to individuals who are convicted of three or more major criminal offenses.

Habitual criminals automatically qualify for the three strike law because of the number of felonies they have committed.

In this act, the statute of three strike sentencing provides a mandatory life imprisonment sentence for convicted felons that have been convicted in a federal court for a serious and/or violent felony and they commit two or more previous crimes that they are convicted of in federal and/or state court system in which at least one of the crimes is a serious and/or violent crime.

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Three strikes law is a category of statutes, which demand from courts compulsory and extended terms of incarceration, to those criminals who have convicted in serious crimes of 3 or more separate occasions. In the United States, habitual offender laws (commonly referred to as three-strikes laws) were first implemented on March 7, and are part of the United States Justice Department's Anti-Violence Strategy.

These laws require a person guilty of committing both a severe violent felony and two other previous convictions to serve a mandatory .

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