The beard by g clark

Maugham When I was a small boy I was made to learn by heart some fables of La Fontaine and the moral of each was carefully explained to me. Among them was "The Ant and the Grasshopper". In spite of the moral of this f able my sympathies were with the grasshopper and for some time I never saw an ant without putting my foot on it. I couldn't help thinking of this fable when the other day I saw George Ramsay lunching in a restaurant.

The beard by g clark

The Beard by G. Clark I was going by train to London. I didn't have the trouble to take anything to eat with me and soon was very hungry.

I decided to go to the dining-car to have a meal. As I was about to seat myself, I saw that the gentleman I was to face wore a large beard. He was a young man. His beard was full, loose and very black.


I glanced at him uneasily and noted that he was a big pleasant fellow with dark laughing eyes. Indeed I could feel his eyes on me as I f umbled with the knives and forks.

It was hard to pull myself together. It is not easy to face a beard. But when I could escape no longer, I raised my eyes and found the young man's on my face. Not even a crumb fell off. It was a difficult soup for even the most barefaced of men to eat, but not a drop did he waste on his whiskers'.

He kept his eyes on me in between bites. But I knew he knew that I was watching his every bite with acute fascination. I grew this beard two years ago. I suffered horribly from shyness. I was so shy it amounted to a phobia.

At university I took up psychology and began reading books on psychology'. And one day I came across a chapter on human defence mechanisms, explaining how so many of us resort to all kinds of tricks to escape from the world, or from conditions in the world which we f ind hatef ul.

Well, I j ust turned a thing around. I decided to make other people shy of me. So I grew this beard. The effect was astonishing.

I found people, even tough, hard-boiled people, were shy of looking in the face. They were panicked by my whiskers. It made them uneasy. And my shyness vanished completely. Unfortunately people don't know about it. Psychology should help people discover such most helpful tricks.

Life is too short to be wasted in desperately striving to be normal. You never got a crumb or a drop on your beard, all through dinner. And whenever you note his eyes fixed in horror on your chin, you wipe it off.Tie or bind the beard into a single strand and tuck into the shirtfront.

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The beard by g clark

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