Reflective report on learning in work placement

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Reflective report on learning in work placement

Related Introduction This is a sample of the reflective diary kept during my work placement with Viridian Housing.

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The experiences accounted in this sample reflect those used in support of my critical review. A reflective diary is a private record of experiences throughout work placement.

STUDENT PLACEMENT SUPERVISOR’S REPORT. This report is to be completed by the placement supervisor at the completion of the student’s placement hours and a copy submitted to the Student Placement Department. Social work placements: A student perspective Janine Buck1 Summary: This article is a reflective account of my student experiences of practice teaching whilst on placements during the Social Work Degree. I consider what and social work learning in the fi eld has been a positive one; and I would. Reflective Report On Learning In Work Placement. A Guide to Writing a Reflective Report What does it mean ‘to reflect’? Officially, it means to explore experiences in order to lead to new understandings and improved practice. At its simplest it means: • To think deeply about an experience.

It is very important to use this diary to report thoughts, feelings and opinions rather than reporting on the factual events of the day.

A reflective diary is also important for keeping a record of both the positive and non positive experiences, as well as the achievements.

The purpose of reflection is a means to be able to think things over or to visualize. Reflection involves complex mental processing that discovers new ideas or inter-relationships between ideas.

There is a recurring theme with the tenancy checks and inspection visits that is very frustrating. I spoke to another tenant who is a long term tenant of Viridian. Invariably with the visits there will be small maintenance issues that need to be sorted out, however generally they have not been reported because they are minor and often aesthetic.

In this case it was the issue of a window that was stuck shut. The tenant proceeded to tell me that there was a maintenance history, but that he would call one of the housing officers to sort it out, because that is the person they usually dealt with. Professionally this has no impact what so ever, as these things are recorded and can easily be dealt with.

I found it frustrating however, because despite my position with Viridian, I feel that the tenants doubt my abilities and professional expertise. In this situation I remained calm and collected, as I suspect that this is a personal insecurity which will resolve itself with further experience in the field.

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I am also sure that there was no intention to undermine my position. I was proud that I was able to keep my composure despite feeling rather frustrated at the time. I spoke to one of my colleagues about it later that day and found out that this is a common thing with all housing officers.

I was happy to learn this and am not dreading doing inspection visits as I was earlier in the day. An elderly lady came for a consultation after going to a number of housing organizations to attempt to get into a care facility.

By the time she arrived in our offices she was at her wits end. Although the issue of finding accommodation for her is relatively simple and routine, I discovered that she really needed to just talk to someone that understood what she wanted and what she did not want. I am finding that so much about this position has to do with an attitude of respect towards to client.

I do not think that one could succeed in this position without the ability to build rapport with people and be friendly.

I was proud to be a member of Viridian as the assistance that we can offer people in her situation, although not particularly unique, can make a huge difference in the lives of the elderly and disabled. I performed a tenancy check and inspection visit and was let into the property by who I assumed was family of the tenant.

This was after significant problems in trying to gain access to the property and eventually after harassing the tenant for over a week, I was able to secure an inspection date and time. After having a look around the property it started to look a bit suspicious as it was clear that this family member was living in the property.

After some questioning it became clear that the property had been informally sublet to this family member and that the actual tenant was now living somewhere else. Obviously illegal subletting has to be reported and the family member of the tenant will most likely be evicted from the property.

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I had mixed feelings about this, because she seemed like a very nice person who was going to bear the consequences of the mistake of the tenant. I felt very sympathetic towards her and going forward, I felt sad in having to report this to the housing officers.

The matter was taken over by the housing officer that manages the property, however in subsequent reporting I found out that the matter has been settled. I was proud of my ability to be perceptive in this situation and follow my instincts.

Although emotionally it was difficult to follow the rules, professionally this was a triumph as I followed my gut and in doing so discovered an illegal tenancy.

There was an incident with an elderly couple that was occupying on the properties that had about three stairs throughout.

Whilst in the office, I received a phone call from the husband informing me of the unsuitability of the housing for them because of the problems that the stairs caused.Commissioner's Weekly Update December 14, Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to Meet; Picture of the Week: Northampton High School.

Overview. Successful applicants on the MA in Social Work commit to studying on a full-time taught course over two years. On successful completion you will receive a MA in Social Work which is the professional entry qualification to be a social worker and it enables you to apply for registration as a social worker with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Students can find reflective writing challenging, since it is quite different from other types of writing at University. You are encouraged to have marking criteria for students to review before submitting their reflective work. The criteria should cover students' reflection of their entire placement experience.

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Introduction. According to Doel () social work placements provide not just the opportunity for practice learning, ‘they are about a wider philosophy, linking practice to academic learning, research and continuing professional development’ (p4).

Reflective report on learning in work placement

Assistance with this reflection is often found in student handbooks, as part of induction days, by allowing access to past students’ successful reflective work and through stated sessions containing learning theories and styles, meta-cognition, self-analysis of strengths and weaknesses and the writing of personal statements (Helyer and Price, ).

Metacognition Defined. The simplest definition of metacognition is thinking about your thinking. A more complex definition that is widely cited within educational literature is an appreciation of.

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