Gym internship report

The 92, square foot Community Center features: A 12, square foot Gymnasium equipped with twelve basketball hoops, three pickleball and badminton courts and two drop down volleyball nets. The Indoor Track, seven laps equaling one mile, provides views to the outdoors, highway, Gymnasium and Aquatic Center. The expansive and open Fitness Area holds an assortment of cardio and weight strength equipment.

Gym internship report

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My symptomatology touches several areas or my life and body: Abnormal, Debilitating, Incapacitating Exhaustion Examples: Taking a shower sends me back to bed. I wake up exhausted, not refreshed, as if I've run a marathon. Walking from the bedroom a few feet away to the bathroom can and often does exhaust me.

One night, after resting in bed and sleeping for 5 days, I had a little energy. I pulled on a pair of pants and a sweater. My husband and I drove to a restaurant 2 miles away.

Gym internship report

The act of walking from the curb to the restaurant door knocked me for a loop. I was able to set a small salad down with my head and body resting against the wall Gym internship report I had to leave so I could lie down and rest.

Last month, I tried going to a stationary store.

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I had to lie on the floor there. This is a common occurrence. I can't stand longer than a few seconds without leaning on something, then I need to sit and then lie down. These are a few of hundreds of examples of the last 8 months.

Lifting my arms to wash my hair, it feels like my arms weigh lbs. I shower on the shower floor. When I've tried to carry a small wallet, it's too heavy. Getting dressed takes all my energy and turns me pale.

I can't lift a small dinner tray. At times, a spoon is heavy. Most of the time, I can't stand for longer than a few seconds and sitting up is tiring. Before the flu, I could leg press 60 lbs.

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I can do no housework including dusting because I don't have the strength. I had to give up piano lessons because of not being able to sit up on the bench or concentrate. These are just a few of hundreds of examples and, just like all the rest of my symptoms, wax and wane in severity. My muscles feel like I have the flu.

My arms, legs, hands and feet are the worst of all.

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Grasping with my hands hurts. There are days I don't have the strength to towel dry myself after a shower.

Gym internship report

I had to give up watering my previously well-tended and cherished garden because I am too achey to stand or to hold the garden hose. There are times I'm too achey to lift my hand to eat.

Most days, I have to nap for several hours. These are just a few of hundreds of examples. Arthralgia My bones in my fingers hurt, especially around the joints.The N. E. Tarble Athletic and Recreation Center at Carthage College is a fitness facility for students, student athletes, faculty, staff and alumni.

The faci. Aug 20,  · About SEAP. The Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP) provides an opportunity for high school students to participate in research at a Department of Navy (DoN) laboratory during the summer.

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In-depth market analysis with spotlight on the main asset classes: Retail, Office, Hotel, Serviced Apartment, Villa/Townhouse and Apartment. Five sea lions have washed ashore in West Seattle since early October. At least two are confirmed to have been killed by gunshot wounds.

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