Enviromental impact assessment of new kuantan international airport engineering essay

Sebastian Inlet Channel Extension Permitting, Mitigation and Monitoring Accessing the Sebastian Inlet from the Intercoastal Waterway, involved enduring a shallow water passage with no clearly marked navigation channel. Boats often unknowingly ran over sensitive seagrass beds or ran aground and were damaged.

Enviromental impact assessment of new kuantan international airport engineering essay

EIA is a study to identify, predict, evaluate and communicate information about the impacts on the environment of a proposed project and to detail out the mitigating measures prior to project approval and implementation.

Why do we need EIA? EIA is essentially a planning tool for preventing environmental problems due to an action. It seeks to avoid costly mistakes in project implementation, either because of the environmental damages that are likely to arise during project implementation, or because of modifications that may be required subsequently in order to make the action environmentally acceptable.

EIA when integrated into the existing planning and decision-making machinery, provides additional information towards better decision-making. Which activities are subject to EIA? How to conduct EIA?

The steps in the EIA procedure, which are shown in Figure 1, can be described as follows: Preliminary assessment relates to the initial assessment of the impacts due to those activities that are prescribed.

Enviromental impact assessment of new kuantan international airport engineering essay

Preliminary assessment is the stage of the EIA procedure that should normally be initiated at the pre-feasibility study stage of the development of an activity. Project options are identified at this stage and any significant residual environmental impacts are made known.

The preliminary report that is prepared is reviewed by a technical committee in the DOE internally. However, where expertise within the Department is lacking, assistance from other government and non-government agencies may be sought.

Detailed assessment is undertaken for those projects for which significant residual environmental impacts have been predicted in the preliminary assessment.

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The assessment should ideally continue during project feasibility, and the detailed EIA Report be submitted for approval by the Director General of Environmental Quality prior to the giving of approval by the relevant Federal or State Government authority for the implementation of the project.

Detailed assessment is carried out based on specific terms of reference issued by an ad hoc Review Panel appointed by the Director General. Recommendations arising out of the review are transmitted to the relevant project approving authorities for consideration in making a decision on the project.

The normal period allocated for a review of a preliminary assessment report is one month while that for a detailed assessment report is two months. The DOE maintains a list of experts who may be called upon to sit as 1 members of any Review Panel established. The selection of the experts depends on the areas of environmental impacts to be reviewed.

Other main features of the EIA procedure as shown in Figure 1 include the following: The Approving Authority is the Government Authority that has the task of deciding, whether or not a project should proceed.

The authorities include the following: Recommendations arising from the review of the EIA Reports are forwarded to the relevant project approving authorities. This document may include: Comments on the Detailed Assessment report; 2. Recommendations to the project proponent and the project approving authority including any specific conditions attached to the project approval; and 3.

Recommendations for environmental monitoring and auditing. The features of the concept include the following: At the onset, during the project identification stage, the need to conduct an EIA study is also determined.

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If the project requires Preliminary Assessment, it is done in parallel with the Pre-feasibility Study for the project. Similarly, if Detailed Assessment is required, it is conducted as part of the Feasibility Study for the project.

The Preliminary Assessment and Detailed Assessment reports are reviewed simultaneously with the Pre-feasibility and Feasibility reports respectively, before a final decision on the project is made.

During project construction and project operation environmental monitoring is carried out. The organisational structure is headed by the State Director. He is responsible for approving or rejecting an EIA Report.

One-Stop Agency meetings with other relevant agencies or departments are held when necessary. Comments and verifications from relevant agencies or departments are sought for certain cases.

The organisational set-up is headed by the Director of Prevention Division. One-Stop Agency meetings with relevant departments or agencies are held when necessary.

Enviromental impact assessment of new kuantan international airport engineering essay

Comments and verifications from the departments or agencies are acquired when necessary. The panel comprises independent members of relevant disciplines, from different organisations such as Universities and Non-Governmental organisations. Detailed EIA Reports are also displayed at all Department of Environment Offices, as well as public and university libraries for public comments.preliminary environmental impact assessment and quantitative risk assessment proposed advanced materials plant gebeng industrial estate, kuantan pahang, malaysia volume 1: main report january prepared for tel: + 60 3 fax: + 60 3 prepared by: environ consulting services (m) sdn.

bhd. Notes for Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Report for Construction Projects An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report shall be prepared by an entity qualified for conducting the work of environmental impact assessment. 1. Project Name shall refer to the name applied by the project at the time when it.

Detail Engineering Design, Preparation of Tender Documents and Environmental and Social Impact Assessments of seven airports namely Arusha, Bukoba, Kigoma, Tabora, Mafia Island, Shinyanga and Sumbawanga.

This report presents the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Rehabilitation. Airport Link project environmental impact statement documents Print If you have difficulty downloading documents, please email This email address is . As “global environmental problems have local environmental impacts,” the way that scientists think of local indigenous communities affects the relevancy of any international .

Environmental Impact Assessment Mitigation Measures A Green Airport A major part of the three-runway system project is the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), which includes a series of studies assessing the potential environmental impact of the project across 12 key aspects.

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