Donner party research paper

The Donner Party Essay add: It is at once horrifying and inspiring, an almost legendary account of human behavior at its worst, and its best.

Donner party research paper

Despite his humble prediction, the president's Gettysburg Address has shown remarkable staying power over the past years. The unifying oration has been engraved onto monuments, memorized by countless schoolchildren, and painstakingly dissected by every Civil War historian under the sun. It has even achieved international fame: Across the Atlantic, language from the speech was woven into the current constitution of France.

His immortal words were merely the follow-up to another speech—one that was meticulously researched and, at least by some accounts, brilliantly delivered. It was a professional triumph for a scholar and statesman named Edward Everett who had been hailed as the finest orator in America.

Yet history has all but forgotten it. The son of a minister, Everett was admitted to Harvard University at 13 and graduated at After studying to be a minister himself, and briefly serving as one, Everett's alma mater offered him a spot on its faculty.

When he returned from Europe, Everett took up his post at Harvard. But after Everett started teaching inhe quickly found himself longing for a career change. Inhe ran for a seat in the U. Elected as a conservative Whig, he served for a full decade before setting his sights on state politics.

InEverett won the first of four one-year terms as the governor of Massachusetts. Like most politicians, Everett suffered his fair share of defeats. But he soon got another shot at public service: Inthe John Tyler administration appointed Everett as the U. Academia beckoned once again inwhen Everett—after some coaxing —agreed to become the president of Harvard.

Everett subsequently bolstered his political resume with a one-year tenure in the U. Senate, resigning in after failing health caused him to miss a vote on the Kansas-Nebraska Act. In the election ofEverett found himself pitted against future president Abraham Lincoln.

Without Everett's consent, the Constitutional Union Party—which favored ignoring the slavery issue to prevent a civil war—nominated him as its vice presidential candidate. The ex-Governor reluctantly accepted the nomination, believing that doing otherwise would cause too much damage to the ticket—but he flatly refused to campaign.

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Once the war broke out, he started touring the northern states, making pro-Union speeches wherever he went. Everett received their official invite on September The request was granted, and Everett got to work.

He began by going over every available account of the battle. From Union general George G. And when Robert E. Lee submitted his own account to the Richmond Inquirer, Everett went through it with a fine-toothed comb. Everett traveled to Gettysburg on November 16, still constantly revising his notes.

Donner party research paper

Since a large chunk of his speech would be dedicated to recounting the historic battle, he decided to familiarize himself with the terrain on which it was fought. Professor Michael Jacobs of Gettysburg College, an eyewitness to the battle, guided Everett through the hills and fields that surround the Pennsylvania town.

The whole town was polluted with their stench. Lincoln arrived one night before he was to deliver his speech; both the president and Mr. Everett were given lodging at the home of event organizer David Wills.

The next morning, the honored guests made their way towards the cemetery. Stockton, a prominent anti-slavery cleric, delivered with trademark zeal.

And then, Everett—his speech memorized in full—took the stage.

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Because the New Englander had weak kidneys, a tent had been placed behind the podium so that he might take a break and relieve himself during the speech if necessary.Early Nebraska Roads: Costly but Necessary 11/16/ The introduction of cars to Nebraska brought with it the need for decent (and costly) roads.

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Donner Pass, in the Sierra Nevada of northern California, is named for the Donner party. The pass now represents the most important transmontane route (rail and highway) connecting San Francisco with Reno.

It lies within Tahoe National Forest, and Donner Memorial State Park is nearby. The tale of the Donner Party and its tragic journey is one of the great stories of American history. It is at once horrifying and inspiring, an almost legendary account of human behavior at its worst, and its best.

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