Compare and contrast how louis xiv

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Compare and contrast how louis xiv

There Is no one specific formula for an absolute monarchy however, in studying several such monarchies of the 17th century it is evident that the leadership of the country must address and control the countries nobility, economy, bureaucracy, and the countries religious attitude.

By examining the policies of Louis XIV,Peter the Great, and the Hohenzollerns, one can see that these essential components of society and government are required to a successful absolute monarchy. Each of these absolute rulers believed in manipulating the nobility to better serve their governments however, each attempted to accomplish this difficult task differently.

Louis believed the sudden implementation of heavy-handed policies were counter productively affecting the people therefore, he believed in working around the nobility in order to make the monarchy the most powerful institution in France. Peter the Greats main focus was keeping the tsar, his government, secure from the streltsy, the guards of the Moscow army, and secure from the boyars, Old Russian nobility.

He also discouraged the streltsy from rebelling again, as they had when peter was overseas inby executing a great many of the rebels publicly and leaving their bodies on display.

These actions upon the nobility firmly established that the tsar was the dominant power in Russia. The Hohenzollerns, particularly Frederick William, created centralization of Junkers, or old German nobility, not by isolating them but through uniting them with the Prussian army.

Frederick was also involved in a trade off with the Junkers, in which the Junkers requested that they be allowed to control their serfs in exchange for their obedience to the Hohenzollerns. The Great Elector, or Frederick William, then went on to tax his people and furthermore create a strong army, where the Junkers sons could become involved.

All these absolute rulers believed that in order to create a successful absolute monarchy they must manipulate the economy to benefit their rule. He then had France rely heavily on domestic trade and increased tariff on imports from Dutch Republic to further discourage them. This action decreased the debt in France greatly and also sparked a fruitful economy for the kingdom to control.

Peter the Greats economy essentially relied on his armies recent possession of ports on the Baltic sea.

Compare and contrast how louis xiv

These ports were the only ice free way to export and import goods. Inupon his travels and study of Western European success, Peter returned to Russia prepared to establish mercantilism, agriculture, industry, and commerce. He also firmly believed taxing the Russian citizens heavily would make the tsar richer and support his vastly growing army.

The establishment of the ornate city, St. The vast number of highly capable Huguenot workers traveling to Prussia because of the Hohenzollerns religious tolerance, greatly benefited the Hohenzollern monarchy economically.

Frederick also worked especially hard to promote trade in his construction of a canal between the Oder and Spree rivers. A successful absolute monarchy had a strong economy whether it was through trade, or army, each of these rulers established just that.

A hallmark of a successful monarchy is a highly functioning bureaucracy. Louis XIV put himself as personal government after falling out of his two chief ministers, Richelieu and Mazarin.

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He created the palace of Versailles as his central government headquarters where he and his aristocracy could reside in lush comfort.Louis XIV vs.

Peter the great. Louis The XIV - Louis the XIV was one of the powerful leaders in France's history. Peter the great - After the childhood scar of the Streltsy revolt Peter the Great wanted to move the capitol of Russia to a new city.

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Compare and Contrast How Louis Xiv, Peter the Great and the Hohenzollern Family (Btw. ) Created Successful Absolute Monarchies Through Their Use/Manipulation of Nobility, Religion, Bureaucracy, and Economics.

Louis XIV vs. Peter the great. Louis The XIV - Louis the XIV was one of the powerful leaders in France's history. Peter the great - After the childhood scar of the Streltsy revolt Peter the Great wanted to move the capitol of Russia to a new city.

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Compare and Contrast How Louis Xiv