An analysis of memory distortion in people reporting abductions by aliens

FringePop Alien Abduction It may sound completely ludicrous, but millions of people in the United States alone claim to have been abducted by extraterrestrials.

An analysis of memory distortion in people reporting abductions by aliens

An analysis of memory distortion in people reporting abductions by aliens

It may be a matter of definition, but these things are not necessarily the same as traditional satanism. The worship of lunar goddesses and nature and the practice of fertility rituals are not satanism. Santeria is a combination of 17th century Roman Catholicism and African paganism.

Many individuals define satanism from a totally Christian perspective, using this word to describe the power of evil in the world. With this definition, any crimes, especially those which are particularly bizarre, repulsive, or cruel, can be viewed as satanic in nature. Yet it is just as difficult to precisely define satanism as it is to precisely define Christianity or any complex spiritual belief system.

The need to repeat these acts can be cultural, sexual, or psychological as well as spiritual. Cultural rituals could include such things as what a family eats on Thanksgiving Day, or when and how presents are opened at Christmas. The initiation ceremonies of fraternities, sororities, gangs, and other social clubs are other examples of cultural rituals.

Since I have lectured about sexual ritual, which is nothing more than repeatedly engaging in an act or series of acts in a certain manner because of a sexual need. This sexual ritual can include such things as the physical characteristics, age, or gender of the victim, the particular sequence of acts, the bringing or taking of specific objects, and the use of certain words or phrases.

This is more than the concept of M. Method of Operation known to most police officers. Sexual ritual is something done by an offender because of a need.

Such compulsive behavior frequently involves rituals. Although such behavior usually involves noncriminal activity such as excessive hand washing or checking that doors are locked, occasionally compulsive ritualism can be part of criminal activity.

Certain gamblers or firesetters, for example, are thought by some authorities to be motivated in part through such compulsions. Ritual can also stem from psychotic hallucinations and delusions. A crime can be committed in a precise manner because a voice told the offender to do it that way or because a divine mission required it.

To make this more confusing, cultural, religious, sexual, and psychological ritual can overlap. Some psychotic people are preoccupied with religious delusions and hear the voice of God or Satan telling them to do things of a religious nature.

Offenders who feel little, if any, guilt over their crimes may need little justification for their antisocial behavior. As human beings, however, they may have fears, concerns, and anxiety over getting away with their criminal acts. It is difficult to pray to God for success in doing things that are against His Commandments.

A negative spiritual belief system may fulfill their human need for assistance from and belief in a greater power or to deal with their superstitions.

Under stress or in times of change, this need for order and ritual may increase. Ritual crime may fulfill the cultural, spiritual, sexual, and psychological needs of an offender.

Crimes may be ritualistically motivated or may have ritualistic elements. The ritual behavior may also fulfill basic criminal needs to manipulate victims, get rid of rivals, send a message to enemies, and intimidate co-conspirators.

The important point for the criminal investigator is to realize that most ritualistic criminal behavior is not motivated simply by satanic or any religious ceremonies. These subtle distinctions, however, seem to be of no significant value to the criminal investigator. I am frequently forced to use it as throughout this discussion so that people will have some idea what I am discussing.

Use of the term, however, is confusing, misleading, and counterproductive. Certain observations, however, are important for investigative understanding.Apologists on the Resurrection “There are four facts agreed upon by the majority of scholars who have written on these subjects which any adequate historical hypothesis must account for: Jesus’ entombment by Joseph of Arimathea, the discovery of his empty tomb, his post-mortem appearances, and the origin of the disciples’ belief in his resurrection.

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Memory Distortion in People Reporting Abduction by Aliens Are innocent people really being snatched by aliens? Is there some other explanation?

or that a pattern of abductions was halted through prayers to Jesus for deliverance. Daniel L. Schacter, Mark F. Lenzenweger, Robert K. Pitman, "Memory distortion in people reporting abduction by aliens," Journal of Abnormal Psychology ( Summary of Memory Distortion in Alien Abductee Study A summary of "Memory Distortion in People Reporting Abduction by Aliens" Introduction This is a summary of the article by Clancy et al., Mar 25,  · Other people who have claimed encounters with aliens have said they experienced things like headaches, dizziness, nausea, confusion, helplessness, despair, and .

UFO sighting in Plutarch's "Parallel Lives"? Plutarch ( CE), Greek historian, philosopher and biographer, born in Chaeronea in Boeotia.

He was educated in Athens and is believed to have traveled to Egypt and Italy and to have lectured in Rome on moral philosophy.