A business report protandim ingredients

MonaVie has threatened legal action against me twice in an attempt to prevent you from reading this article below. The original article about my introduction to MonaVie is preserved here. Is MonaVie a Scam? The short answer is yes.

A business report protandim ingredients

In most cells, the telomeres eventually reach a critical length when the cells stop proliferating and become senescent. But, in certain cells, like sperm and egg cells, the enzyme telomerase restores telomeres to the ends of chromosomes.

This telomere lengthening insures that the cells can continue to safely divide and multiply. Investigators have shown that telomerase is activated in most immortal cancer cells, since telomeres do not shorten when cancer cells divide.

Product B was new to me. Basically, they seem to be saying that short telomeres are bad they cause aging and diseasetelomerase is good because it makes telomeres longer, and Product B is an effective way to increase telomerase; therefore Product B prevents disease and retards aging. Or any evidence of safety, for that matter.

Isagenix keeps coming back to haunt me; it even generated my favorite insult ever: Harriet Hall is a refrigerator with a head. If A business report protandim ingredients am a refrigerator, at least I try to be a fair one.

I spent quite a bit of time searching the Internet for information, and I even wrote the company to ask directly for their evidence.

a business report protandim ingredients

One thing puzzled me right off the bat. Was there a Product A that I had somehow missed? It makes no difference what they call it. Every chromosome has a telomere, a repeated sequence of nucleotides at the end of the DNA strand.

It is a disposable section that carries no genetic information. For vertebrates, the nucleotide sequence is TTAGGG; this repeats from to several thousand times according to the species of animal.

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Telomeres are sort of like the aglet, that little hard piece on the end of a shoelace that keeps it from unraveling. They protect the end of the chromosome and keep it from losing important genes or sticking to other chromosomes.

When cells divide, each strand of DNA is copied. When enough of them are lost, the cell is kaput. The Hayflick limit is the number of times a cell can divide before it becomes incapable of dividing further, typically times for human cells in cell culture in the lab.

If your cells stop dividing, you die.

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Telomerase is a reverse transcriptase enzyme that has its own RNA. It serves as a template to make more TTAGGG sequences and add them to the telomere, reversing the usual shortening process.

So the hypothesis is that if you could make the telomerase gene express itself in somatic cells, the telomeres might not shorten with age, the Hayflick limit might be over-ridden, the aging process might be stopped in its tracks, and we might overcome natural death and become immortal.

So far, this hypothesis is only a dream. Drugs that reduce telomerase activity are being investigated as cancer treatments.

So if Product B really increases telomerase activity, that might not be such a good thing. We might fall from the frying pan of the aging process into the fire of more cancers.

The role of telomerase in aging is still controversial. Short telomeres could be just a sign of cellular age rather than a cause.

In at least one species of seabirdthey are neither: In fact, it has not been conclusively established that they cause any disease. There are correlations, but science is still trying to tease out causation. Aging is a complex subject not well understood by science, and the science of telomeres is still in its infancy.

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What are Protandim ingredients? Benefits of Nrf2 and Nrf1 Synegizers to oxidative stress. Focus on the effects of aging and more. [Editor’s Note: MonaVie has threatened legal action against me twice in an attempt to prevent you from reading this article below.

Since I’m within my legal rights to criticize the company they’ve turned to gaming Google to push this article down the search results – an attempt to prevent you from getting the information you need to make an informed decision about the company.

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